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Sunday, 7 August 2011

SeJong Korean BBQ Buffet - Campsie * recommend*

 SeJong is a very popular Korean BBQ buffet restaurant in Campsie, so do not forget to make a booking before hand for your visit. They offer $29 per head charges here for all you can eat. (Cold beverages and alcohol are excluded)

I know my pictures has not done this restaurant justice. If you have been there you will understand how much food they offers there. 

Starter korean noodle soup

Wide rage of meat selections - mind you, the shop generously fill up without you have to wait almost every time even on wagyu beef

Homemade seafood rice cake

Seafood section, fresh mussel, squid, prawn, and korean style octopus (very nice!)

You can find cooked prawn, jelly fish

4 different kinds of salad available

Korean hot food section - chili chicken, seafood stir fried etc etc....

Homemade raw and cooked tuna avocado sushi - During the night, sushi will rotate. So during your meal course, you should see few different type of sushi served.

Variety kimchi and salads 

Homemade stir fried noodle - Japchae

If you need to change the BBQ plate just ask the waiter, there is no charge.

Few starter

There are also couple of different rice choices - healthy black rice and normal steam rice

Soup section - There are 2 soups served on the night - Miso soup or Pumpkin soup.

Variety choices of sauce

Korean Beer

Seasonal fruit 

Tea or coffee to wash down all the food we consumed tonight....?

We walked out of SeJong extremely full and happy every time. Will surely come back with no time.

Where is it?

Se Jong Korean BBQ Buffet

1/8 London Street
Sydney NSW 2194
(02) 97877126



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